4Happy Studio is a game developer studio based in Batam, Indonesia (Near by Singapore). We make interactive media products to teach, preserve, and mix product content. We decided to focus on establishing 4Happy studio from the beginning of our undergraduate study. With diverse backgrounds in each discipline, our team was able to create the first gaming project, Who Is He: Let Me Out. We believe that by creating our first intellectual property, we will be able to give new and exciting material to both existing and new gamers.


"Everything Is Possible"

Ervin Ahmad Nur Hidayanto

CEO & Game producer

Hi All !, I am a person who likes to carve works through code, I am now deep in the C # programming language, I am also one of the game designers at 4Happy Studio, having studied design, 3D modeling, and Networking.

Abdurrafi Naufal S

Multimedia Director

Hi, I’m a Multimedia director at 4Happy Studio, I’m working on Cinematography and Composition Video at 4Happy, I love 3d modeling, texturing, lighting and many more.

Muh Ilham W

Lead 3D Artist

Hello, I’m Ilham, currently I’m a Lead 3D artist in 4Happy studio, my expertise is 3D modeling and texturing, I use Blender software for more than 2 years. I am currently researching 3D modeling.

Fadhli Yahya

Art Director

Hi, I am a self-taught designer. I used to design logos, posters, and illustrations. I have tried programming and animation. but now I only stick to character designs and concept artist. P.S I still do animation sometimes 🙂

Waode Hafizah Ramadhani

Creative Content Manager

Hello, I’m now a content manager at 4Happy, I like to write and at the moment I’m also a dubber from the game Who is He