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There are many lore and stories closely embedded in tradition and culture that is passed down from word of mouth through generations from every corner of Indonesia and are still believed to this day.

This time, we’re gonna explore some traditional Indonesian musical instruments, one of which is “Angklung” from west Java and “Gamelan” from Central Java

Let us tell you these exciting traditional Indonesian musical instruments!

Because everything has a reason and a tale behind it 😉


Indonesian traditional musical instrument made out of bamboo. Each angklung produces a single chord and it is played by shaking it according to a musical composition. Playing and listening to this musical instrument is Alvin’s mother favourite pastime other than writing her diary.


An Indonesian traditional percussion musical instrument that is played by hitting it with a cork-covered stick. Alvin’s sister, Jane, loves to play this musical instrument while dancing.


I guess that’s plenty to tell you about this village’s backstory, hehe! is it intriguing enough for you? Yes, I believe so!
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