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“Who is He : Let Me Out” raises the environment in the 60s era, Indonesia. There are a lot of fascinating stories behind the creation of this game, one of them is the production of antique things in this game utilizing 3d objects. I’ve been spoken to one of the members who contributed to the creation of the 3d art objects in “Who is He : Let Me Out”

Because everything has a reason and a tale behind it 😉


3D Object in Who is He : Let Me Out

There are a lot of objects that have been created by Ilham, inspiration in support of the ancient objects in this game. Here are some ancient objects in Indonesia that are packaged in 3D objects:

1. Alvin’s House










2. Onthel Bike











3. Ulekan










4. Petromax Lamp

Well, I guess that’s plenty to share you about antique things in this game , hehe! is it intriguing enough for you? Yes, I believe so!
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